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Rodent Control

Expert Rodent Proofing and Control

Is your house protected?

Mice, rats, chipmunks and squirrels pose serious health risks – they can enter your home through almost any opening or crack.

Check for the presence of rodents and their droppings in your home by inspecting areas around the house you don’t use or touch often; this includes pantries, the backs of closets, under baseboards, along walls, in attics, basements and garage or shed areas.

Rodent droppings can cause disease – including the potentially deadly Hantavirus – and most often cause allergic reactions. Rodents can carry bacteria like salmonella on their bodies which can contaminate food sources, surfaces and kitchen equipment.

Keep in mind that mice can enter through spaces as small as a nickel and rats can get through spaces the size of a quarter. Rats climb very well and often enter homes in colder weather, looking for food. You may also find mice and rats under, in or around structures outside the home such as wood piles.

Count on Coulson-Moseley Pest Control to help you find and remove pesky rodents from your home. We have the equipment, knowledge and trained professionals to get the job done fast, with lasting results and helpful tips to make sure they stay out!

Call 925-935-4050 to get help with any rodent problems around your home now.

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